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So, I've come to the conclusion that I have fallen deep into BTS hell. Like... WTF is wrong with me. I can't help it though, Suga and Namjoon are my babies and Jimin and Jungkook are my seconds. I love all of them omfg. Okay, enough gushing! Hola lol. I hope you like the new layout change, I got tired of looking at Daddy. (Ha) but, I have a ton of content that I have to add when I have time so, be on the looks out for that. I hope you still enjoy the site and merp!


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Hola! I'll try to update as much as I can but, let's face it... I honestly don't care lol. For those who still visit my site. I love y'all. No, I'm not on Facebook anymore and most likely, won't even be back. I'm too busy with work, and other projects and such so, I hope all of you beautiful people are woderful. and have a wonderful blessed day. Enjoy the new layout with my wifey Rihanna♡
I'll be adding that was being used on Vampiress to this site. Vampiress will be shut down besides all the layouts that I've made for people. so... With that. Toodles! ♡

.....Black Girl Magic

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I've been gone for an hot minute. (Yeah, I know). Thank you to the ones that did check up on me. I've just been working non stop and haven't really had time to do sh*t. Unfortunately, it's only going to get alot worse since Christmas is coming and Sam's is completely hectic around the holiday time. But, anyways. Hopefully, I'm able to get everything going by then. I PROMISE I'M COMING BACK THO. Also, I'm in LOOOOOOVE with my new layout. Taraj is bae all the way. But, anyways Enjoy the site bby, I'll be updating real soon so stay tuned for that. Love Y'all, Miss Y'all! <3333

Welcome to Sweetcafe

time: 5:14pm | watching: the following | mood: happy af.
Hey guys! Welcome to Sweetcafe. Yeah, I know I had everyone hyped about Roulette but, I decided to scrap it because I started to hate the name. This time I am sticking with it, I KNOW I KNOW I said that with Vampiress but, this time I'm cereal lol. I always want to thank everyone that I bought items from. Without y'all I wouldn't have as much content and I would've took ALOT longer to open lol. Some was made by myself, Kecia, Anne, and everyone else. Anyways! I hope you enjoy the site, and I will be updating alot more in the future.

ALSO, can we just stop and see how sexy Shay Mitchell is in these pictures in my header. omg.
yeah so I have nada else to say lol. so you can watch this cute little puppy ♥